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CubeX is a 3D animated NFT collection. Our Cubies double as your personal avatar and playable character in our video games and applications.

We have two video games and the first ever decentralized social media app currently in beta which are accessible for all Cubex Web3 Card holders. We are revolutionary builders awaiting you to join our journey.



HUBBL and Gaming development 

Prior to minting out our collection we invested up front to begin the long term development of our gaming & NFT social media endeavors. We took a non traditional route of building before minting in order to gain consumer faith and have beta ready products shortly after launch.


CubeX Minting

Mint 10,000 animated CubeX NFTs on the ETH blockchain.


CubeX Staking

Once mint is completed we will launch our staking program which gives many incredible rewards and long term benefits to holders who participate. One of these rewards is the CubeX Web3 Cards which will be a claimable airdrop for all staked CubeX NFTs to be redeemed only in the first 14 days of our staking launch.


Hubbl Beta

Once staking begins and Hubbl is ready for beta the CubeX Web3 Card holders will be given early access to test and help improve the app. Our main objective is to create a decentralized social media platform catered to the NFT and crypto space where anyone can freely express their thoughts without censorship or the risk of getting shadowed. Hubbl will also include a variety of features that the NFT and crypto space already use daily, all integrated into one platform!


Gaming Beta

In combination with our Hubbl beta we will launch the beta versions of our first two games to CubeX Web3 Card holders. The first game we are building is a blockchain and NFT integrated PC FPS capture the flag game built on unity. The second game we are building is a blockchain integrated VR survival game set in Cubeworld.


Build out the CubeX gaming ecosystem

Our goal is to build long term video games that will bring the overall web 3 community together like never before. We will do this by partnering with other NFT projects around the space to  integrate them into our blockchain games and to build them games. Thus creating our gaming fund which will be distributed to host gaming events and to provide metaverse rewards to our CubeX Web3 Card holders.


Host the first ever inclusive Web3 gaming event

Through our gaming fund we will host the first ever Web3 gaming event which features projects all across the space competing for thousands of dollars in our video games.


Hubbl launch

Hubbl will be available on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Holders will get access to in-app benefits which will be available for public purchase. Initial application features will include


Cubex Gaming

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